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PERTUBUHAN URUSAN AKTIVITI AIR SEMALAYSIA (PUAAS) is a NGO organization was established officially on 2022 in Malaysia to support all water sports with all its organizations whether governmental or private, all water sports practitioners in all over the world on any levels of amateurs or professionals. support scientific research also event activities in any area of water sport starting by training methods, biological and physics sciences that would seriously support the development of water sports to be more safe and beneficial for its practitioners.

(PUAAS) also exerts utmost efforts to spread the culture of water sport among all different strata of society and support any local official organization with all the capabilities available to increase the number of water sports practitioners and raising the level of training performance by developing training programs, events activities on a wide level around the world.

(PUAAS) is also supporting a new programs which not recognized by any other organization for new water games. (PUAAS) was the  organization in Malaysia to brings together all water sports under one roof with the aims of:

• Support all water sports federations to spread water sports internationally and locally at different levels and by different ways.

• Developing training programs and tools for all levels.

• Creating and disseminating new water sports, developing and innovative ideas for the modernization of existing or emerging water sports.

• Provide small sport facilities with all necessary to play an effective role in spreading water sports in the surrounding environments.

• Organizing national and international competitions for various water sports at all levels (organizations, clubs, schools, universities and individuals) with a great financial rewards.

• Organizing training and courses and discussions to find out the current events and requirements to activate and update of various water sports.

• Support national water sports organizations around the world with all necessary to cover their needs to spread water sports.

• Support all levels of water sports practitioners around the world to improve their skills, upgrade their levels and to become more professional and create their own business.

• (PUAAS) have open door to all those who have a special abilities to create a new water games and training skills and support them with all needs spread these new water sports correctly around the world.

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Water sports are the perfect top pick for those who love to cool themselves off and freshen up with great thrill and fun. There is never a dull moment in this outdoor amusement. The concept of water sports has increased considerably nowadays and now they have become more popular in different countries of the world. Water sports come in many different forms, and they are always being modified into something better, or a new sport altogether as a sort of spin-off. The watersports present great things in the form of fun, adventure, extreme danger, and enjoyment and more interestingly it helps you stay fit and healthy. We have selected some interesting and amazing water sports that you must try.

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